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Prevent Privacy Cramp

All Noses in One Way

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Privacy Workshop

With the privacy workshop you increase awareness among your management and employees. You create support in your company with regard to privacy.

workshop privacy

You learn to structure your privacy project. Thanks to the personal action plan.

What are the Topics?

During the workshop we will discuss the changes and the consequences of European privacy legislation (GDPR). What should you do and what information should you have available in the privacy administration, for example in case of an incident?

• The legislation
• What are the requirements?
• What does this mean to you?
• What should you do as a minimum?
• How can you comply?
• How do you go about it?
• What measures should you take?

And extensive possibility to ask questions!

Voor Whom?

The workshop is an excellent starting point for your privacy team. They will learn where to start, how a privacy project is approached!

You want to create awareness and support among the board, line management and department heads who are responsible and / or involved in the processing of personal data.

The workshop is suitable for anyone within your company who is responsible for ensuring security and privacy compliance and implementation. Such as compliance officers, financial employees, quality managers, project managers, human resources, legal affairs, the IT department. 

In addition to focusing in one direction, your employees bring structure to their approach to the privacy project.

No prior knowledge of privacy or security is required.

Privacy Workshop In House

• In-house training 4 hours.
• 1080 Euro.
• A maximum of 12 people can participate in this workshop.
• Travel costs are charged @ 45 cents per kilometer.


• E-learning of 4 hours.
• 495 euros per person.


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