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The privacy help desk helps you keep your privacy compliance under control. Periodic checks ensure that you continuously comply with laws and regulations. There may be changes in your processes, the interpretation of the law by the authority can be adjusted, laws and regulations can change. The privacy help desk keeps you constantly informed and provides advice and advice.

Data Leak

Do you think you have had a data leak, a USB stick has been lost, a laptop has been stolen? Is this really a data leak? Do you have to report this to the authority? Do you need to inform those affected about this leak? And how should you inform them?

Consult by phone

Do you have a short question? Not sure about the rules? Do you want legal advice? Call the helpdesk and you will be called back as soon as possible.

Data Protection Officer

You have your own DPO / DPO registered with the authority, with the great advantage that the Dutch Data Protection Authority will be more reticent when it comes to supervision of your organization.

Subscription plans

Basic subscription: (€ 45 per month)

  • Telephone consultation: Access to GDPR specialists
  • First aid in the event of a data breach: advice on whether or not to report, procedures, etc.
  • Practical handles and tips

Lite subscription: (€ 97 per month)

  • All services from the Basic Subscription plus:
  • Your own Data Protection Officer, who is registered with the Authority.
  • A risk / evaluation meeting with your DPO twice a year
  • Advice on possible areas for improvement
  • Additional work after negotiation


  • The subscription is for a minimum of 1 year, with a longer contract period (2-3 years) discounts apply.
  • PACT privacy subscription has been taken out and you have mapped out all processes that process personal data.
  • Privacy documentation is available, you have mapped out all processes that process personal data.
  • A risk analysis has taken place, you have had the privacy administration assessed on legal, organizational and technical grounds.
  • An action plan with measures has been drawn up.

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