Controller: Make Privacy Agreements with (sub) Processors.

Processor: Have an Agreement ready for your Customers!

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Processing agreement: GDPR compliance

data processing agreement processor GDPR legal

Organizations that exchange data with third parties for the purpose of processing (personal) data are legally obliged to record, periodically check and guarantee agreements with these parties (e.g. cloud service, salary processor, service provider). The processing agreement.

Tailor-made appointments?

Matters that need to be arranged:

  • What data processing is the agreement about?
  • Who has which role?
  • Who are the parties, any sub-processors?
  • What kind of data is it about?
  • Liability in the event of a data breach
  • Who is responsible for reporting data leaks?
  • Which organizational and technical measures must be taken to prevent a data breach?

Costs: 445 Euro per agreement.

Have an existing processing agreement assessed?

Do you have your own agreement?
You have received an agreement?
A good agreement is customization. It takes specific legal knowledge to adapt an agreement to your situation.

After checking an existing agreement, you will receive advice on which changes should be made to the processing agreement.

Costs: 295 Euro per agreement

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