Pragmatic in Privacy!

Are you GDPR proof?

Is your Documentation in order?

Do You Know What Risks You Are Taking?

Have you taken sufficient Measures?


GDPR: European Privacy Legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforced in 28 European countries demands of all companies that they must demonstrably comply with the legislation.

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The GDPR demands of every organization to have their privacy administration or processing register in order!

Companies must have demonstrable insight into the processing of personal data, the privacy risks and the technical and organizational measures taken to comply with the legislation. It is therefore necessary that you maintain a privacy administration with, among other things, a register of data processing.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is increasingly in the spotlight.

It is necessary to deal with personal data demonstrably carefully. In the interest of the citizen. In the interest of good and integrated service. In the interest of trust in the digital economy and the prevention of identity fraud.


For a growing number of companies, handling personal data carefully is a topic with which they want to differentiate themselves in a positive sense from competing companies. They see privacy protection as a major USP (‘Unique Selling Point’).

Privacy is the new Marketing “P

Show that your company takes the privacy of your customers seriously.

In Control

Therefore, start today with your online Privacy administration and get insight and overview of what you have and what you do with personal data. How to easily and quickly set up your online privacy administration. No chaos with documents on file servers. All in one place.

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